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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  February 22, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PST

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>>will tran: >>james: you concede 15 in. in san francisco when you compare >>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now the numbers it doesn't look that great.
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>>james: at the here is a >>james: we have to wait and see as the week goes on which model is the more i run temperature the piano when you are in this called for a slightly more about satellite view of few crops will the 4140 up near santa rosa up off to the south over the bay is in and of the war track in just pretty clear if mostly clear a little the fall because the from lot of people the winds are temperature is coming down low
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nice and mild out and later this on a to meet with the dew point afternoon generally from the north east direction which the warmer direction it is one to keep temperatures on the abnormally warm side for this time of year it is chilly low 40's in the war 4242 and fairfield you to see those temperatures drop down to the this is what we're expecting for upper '30's otherwise the only san francisco peninsula everywhere else it will be a place we're looking the in the little bit warmer this is like, fifties and san francisco later on today you concede to purchase to 74724 pleasanton 75 in san warming up to temperatures low jose. 60's and 70's. >>james: the forecast for to them. >>james: we also have the extended outlooks the tune for that we will like. >>robin winston: to the westbound 80 a quick check of the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza that all the great
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leading into san francisco a smooth ride come on in the >>robin winston: it is holding a coming up and down the peninsula 92 west will be a pretty good pre well track in the ride across the golden gate to the ride getting a little crowd along the flat section number of far be switched around the lake the slowing and a connecting 101 configuration to is not for an south on the left side the current direction of traffic checking travel times come out heading into san francisco. of the east of a highway for that is usually the first freeway to start to back of.
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>>will tran: the search is over for missing san jose woman they continue to investigate the murder of the to to your spacing we spoke with investigators from the hayward police department. >>scott rates: they have not said much according to sgt ryan >>mark: this morning we're following up on a story we first brought you in january we spoke withheld police department investigators located her body around 12:00 saturday afternoon to tennis or remove now he on the old history year-old son and a new play room he said the it turned from a missing persons case to a homicide investigation they're not saying anything at this point about a possible motive or who might costa del rio and walnut creek have killed or she was last in was making him sick. the house party in hayward over a week ago the family has been >>reporter: there is extensive
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asking the public for help and searching for sunday morning demagogue and one of those water damage from and it is searches the search obviously grown since i first visited was called off one of the january 4th on jerry seven the volunteers was able to get ahold building's owner down the hall of her mother on the phone she lived in mexico. third grade teacher pay child to death paid and she brought her ceiling does not always stop the rain she took this video three weeks ago with high rents in the bay area she is trying to make things work at her home of nine years, >>will tran: the shooting happened just before 3:00
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yesterday afternoon and san francisco he walked into the car which was stuck in traffic opened fire then got into a nearby car and left the area >>darya: mountain mine found in the backyard has the capt. and return to the wild it happened saturday night the game officials went out and did the best they tranquilize the line and after they found they moved him this was more of highway one thing he was drawn to the area because it is a lot of beer that >>will tran: police in san jose arrested a man accused of tranquilized some in their return to the wildlife officials
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stabbing and killing someone the want to remind everyone the recall to location and a born feeding what live is illegal and dangerous because it to bring road and east san jose early saturday morning to men were predators' like this into an area where you lived. from sufferings that owns one >>darya: the plans for a died while being treated at multibillion-dollar high-speed hospitals the other victim treated for not life-threatening road project is changing the injuries yesterday police california high speed rubble arrested the two year-old third has updated the plan to anthony to all of and it was into san jose and knows the booked into county jail it is unclear at this point would lead to the stabbing. >>will tran: san jose police are investigating a deadly car crash on candid avenue we spoke with neighbors who heard the crash and said this was bound to happen. >>phillipe djegal: 14 year-old was at a nearby friend's house and heard the collision at
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around 93079 he ran out and price tag for the san francisco snapped this photo of the aftermath before emergency crews arrived san jose police say both the of that plan also low was ride shook estimates a still perplexes going to turn a profit by second year of service. >>mark: the work was shifting a man and woman died in the accident this is the city's a deadly car crash investigators say when car lost control and is out on candid avenue on hicks road and hit head on with another car traveling north never say this crash comes with no surprise because this area has been accident prone for quite some time police say neither drugs nor all appear to be factors in the crash and 20
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your was an and carbide. >>will tran: this happen it just before 4:00 yesterday morning to receive the car of an overturned as you the to south and seven people run for president will spend zero times on his the sees these as it landed some interpretation of the on his roof on the ramp or seven constitution. people inside also detained six of the people the last passenger walk onto the freeway and was hit and killed in express lanes >>darya: for parents and one bay area city this man is accused of on the westbound direction of interstate 5 in your opening at exposing himself to teenage girls will tell you where 5:00 this morning traveling east happen. of highway.
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>>will tran: in the not one person is dead and another suffered injuries after a car rental building and the lack of it happened and six other blocks of sacramento street just before 330 yesterday afternoon that is according to the labels fire department of people were unresponsive when crews arrived and the helicopter was needed to take them to the hospital one of the victims died at the scene the condition of the other victim still not known at this turn. >>will tran: a man accidentally drove the wall by his department are trying to park it it happened saturday afternoon at the 57 year-old that his foot stuck on the gas pedal he was backing into a parking space and crashed through the wall and window because it was a good amount of damage when it was a good part no one was injured
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because of the crash appears to be accidental there still testing whether not drove the alcohol in the system at the time on the creek tennis decide to move off after they refused to clean up mold growing inside of their home is a story you will see only on kron 4. >>will tran: we will take a listen to what they have to say just days before the primary good news for your wallet the next line of the men of the palm gas price averages around the bay area before we get all those stories and is a live look outside you concede not a problem enjoy the weather we will be right back.
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>>mark: the fielders in his all and still more bills to keep the sled turned off until the ball was said
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>>darya: she has with all her life to see an african-american and the white house when she finally got the chance to meet president obama and the first lady the 106 you're one could not contain her excitement. >>james: relief corps shot there is no fault outside were getting all of this grid visibility temperatures on the cool side as a result a lot of >>james: we have really warm
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temperatures for this afternoon the heat that we had yesterday we will get warmer brought this is floating off into space in week we have all the forecast here is a lot of the embarcadero camera. nissan leaf... what will you do? ♪ how far will you go? one of nicely minutes of the 60 ♪ lots of sunshine will keep that in claim it will be nice and warm for the kids getting out how much will you see? ♪ here is the wide view we have a electrify the world. few clouds but it is really now with a class-leading 107 miles on a charge, generally pretty clear and as low will expect this afternoon. the nissan leaf is the best selling electric car in america. ♪ >>james: yes it is cold 42 out little more 47 san jose later
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this afternoon will get into the upper 60s to maybe the mid '70s expected anywhere from 74 concord to 75 in san jose and a mix of the upper sixties to low summit is along the bay shoreline. >>robin winston: we had a little problem at the golden gate was all northbound back quickly cleared now and is the ride both directions and one out of san francisco it will be about 15 minutes total to get from the 1015 a disk linked to the toll plaza kick over to the richmond
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san rafael bridge live look at the five it was approaching the toll plaza it is wide open gnomic to trouble spots to start on the commute from a richmond san rafael bridge and is a good time to use and eight minutes from the pay it out to 1 01 tech in the travel time was forced to a pretty good shape 50 minutes to 160 out to the 242 split in concord when all one, or more than hill looks good no problem having into san jose sunnyvale of to pull out to will be a good ride. >>will tran: the average price >>james: all the models of can of gas dropped 5¢ of past two agree on the time will have to weeks to $1.71 the price is 56 decide on the dry side with this
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per gallon cheaper than exactly one for friday but the to talk about it is a live look outside one year ago oakland and san great conditions currently we're jose average gas prices around $2.31 over the weekend we found one in fremont. looking for something conditions this afternoon will expect sunny weather all week that is point no. 2 with really warm weather ahead of the seven is potentially by thurston as for >>will tran: saturday horrific the rain no rain on the horizon dry weather is will we will shooting and michigan which killed six people and sent to expect for the foreseeable future we will let you know if others to the hospital the issue will be in order little bit later to face murder charges police do not have a model for the murder. >>reporter: prosecutors the gross for now does not look like much this get to the traffic center. describing a man and which he said the driver carried out saturday night shooting spree it
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>>robin winston: no delays and played over the course of nearly seven hours starting an got a minute from the peg into a apartment complex late saturday tie 1 01 this a good ride from afternoon when he gunned down a woman and a parking lot the victim was hospitalized expected to survive more than four hours later another type of father and his teenage son shot and killed at a car dealership minutes after that he opened fire on five people in a restaurant parking lot killing four and the 160 split heading out to the injuring another he was 242 split in concord no major arrested just after 12:30 pm sunday morning the passenger road before the plant is described as troubling behavior perhaps more bizarre they say he picked up and drop off passengers between shootings he
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trouble spots may be continuing was looking for even more pears out to sit in the third three after the final attack. minutes from tracy heading out to the dublin to change. >>will tran: the release a statement the company confirmed that he did work for him but a statement released yesterday they said the 45 year-old had a >>will tran: is open for background check the they did not address reports claim that he picked affairs and the twin business this morning however at shooting incidents the public around 3:00 yesterday afternoon this macdonald turned into a sector she said they're crime scene that should the investigating those reports that will help with the graphic video he stumbles out investigation in any way that they can. >>will tran: they need help identifying this man who expose themselves to teenage girls on saturday on 430 in the afternoon they walked into a business there mission street he falls onto the sidewalk he dies then expose themselves to three teenage girls who ran out of the at the scene just to show you store and the man describing his early 20s they're still the person basically knew this car was a sitting duck because that car was stuck in traffic had nowhere to go after firing
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complaining about mold and mildew more than a month after the shots the person went into the land of promise to fix a another car and arrested this leaky roof. area of the are plenty of >>reporter: at a duplex in restaurants that face concord, garcia he unloaded his mcdonald's is their witnesses that could have seen this whole same there was a police station. three your son toys and play room moving cause some action thousand dollars a month in rent it was making them sick there is extensive water damage from a leaky roof and it is >>darya: apple says it is not brought since i first visited backing down and an fbi is the january 4th on january 7th to the building's owner and j.w. sell their company assured us man tapped into a foam used by a
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these repairmen would fix the shooter and a san bernardino roof now they said the roof may attack apple ceo tim cook be repaired with the units were dismissed the government's claim not downhaul third grade to the company is acting out of business interest pieces that the magistrate's order would essentially pre a back door to the ecliptic from the phone was teacher said the death take on her ceiling does not always thought the rain she took this deal three weeks ago with high rents in the bay area she tried to make things work in her home of nine years. used said who killed 14 people >>reporter: she recently led a after a car slammed into a building that happen and let him a second look at the map of the area of sacramento street it was three contractors on a tour of the damage now she is waiting on about 330 yesterday afternoon the fire department says both bids for the job he grew tired
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of waiting while money is tight one person died at the scene in the other is in the hospital. with the move is worth it to breathe a little easier. >>darya: >>mark: the man walked into a >>will tran: still hadn't a look business store in mission street and expose themselves to three teenage girls he described as at how fans are celebrating the early 20s a man is in jail film's 30th year anniversary is a lot of the outside at the toll plaza heading in from the east accused of fatally shot and bay to san francisco you would another man it was called a soft not have the problems. white rolled to men found in both of them at stab wounds one died and where the hospital the man close the roadway i ask in
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the state has been trying to work with the billionaire since early this month and hopes the purchasing of public ride away there was no word on when the accident will be open to the public. >>mark: isis is claiming responsibility for two separate attacks in syria the deadliest of the attack was outside the city of damascus with 83 people were killed a total 122 people happen today the u.s. supreme court is back in session he was 79 years old president obama has
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bowed to pick a supreme court to fill the vacancy republicans argue that naming a successor should be a job for the next president. >>mark: new benefit doctors say you can get from a cup of joe indication moving force in the senate took shooting the parents all responsible for their children's death to live look at the bay bridge early backed up and 537. >>will tran: and david daniel
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has the answer. >>reporter: toward you probably never heard of may have just got an oscar for the big sure it won the university of southern california sculptor of war for the cinematic and attention of the rich inward the last five winners including the imitation game of his a slave and cargo went on to win the adapted spring play oscar in a watching year of the british actor and u.s. will and goodwill ambassador says she's taking a year away from acting in a and 30 years since paris dealers day off so get ready for fairest
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fast the celebration in chicago with the fans and players. >>will tran: we take a look at the growing anti president obama movement underway in russia how president obama is being portrayed in russia's capital we're track in water on the bay we have really nice conditions will have more the forecast coming up. >>robin winston: is moving pretty well across the upper
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back into downtown san francisco is definitely pact at the toll plaza the drive time 12 minutes from the maze into downtown will take a look at 92 and across the san mateo bridge. >>darya: it could cut your chance of developing and liver disease they say 2 c. of coffee a day and cut your chance of developing cirrhosis of the liver by 44% in the terraced the liver by blocking blood flow experts caution that it will never balance all the negative effects of excess of all some are calling it a divine intervention samsung the
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debating a new galaxy as seven and s seven and to see the new features that are being talked about this morning we are trapped in the weather and weather sent a great place to do some here is a live look at the forecast for the south bank 75 will be really popular high temperatures in the santa clara valley will have more on the forecast coming up. >>will tran: welcome back to this is a live look outside from the embarcadero camera out this is the best shot.
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>>james: this sfo where it is nice and clear on what all you because it is so clear we have really cold temperatures widespread for some locations that has the potential of dropping down to the upper 30's again! again! a lot of the bay area will be again! low seventies today getting into the mid '70s we never really
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nice looking forecast 41 degrees again! again! again! again! no artificial flavors. no artificial colors. why? so you can love our cereal. right now that is a prime again! candidate we spent from 72 degrees in hayward woman up to 74 as it down toward union city and the rest of the bay area to fall along similar lines here was a look at the outlook for temperatures will continue to climb as we head toward midweek with sky conditions stay nice
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and sunny very springlike around the bay great looking weak leg extended coming up in about half hour. >>robin winston: through >>mark: they found her body saturday afternoon and consider the case of homicide no rest downtown the freeway the james have been made. lick the 280 extension it is not a problem having an on westbound aiding north and south into and >>darya: police initiative try to piece together an hour long weekend rampage that left six people dead in kalamazoo and jason was accused of carrying out the shooting of three out of san mateo birling game dislocation on saturday night all the while he was driving had a to accept all the problems but in that connection. for them in picking up
4:33 am
passengers in between the shooting he is expected to be rented and. >>will tran: fresh off their race and nevada to democratic president hopefuls are gearing up for the next contest south carolina. >>reporter: now the democrats turned in south carolina >>james: mckenzie here and a jump of haze on the st. lawrence will want to show your quick to what we're seeing mild right now the predominant directions come from the north and northeast that is a warmer wind and that is by temperatures today and will be considerably warmer than they should is
4:34 am
beginning to develop an amount the ballot to allow visibility in and out of balance of my visibility in santa rosa sit in pelham a relatively clear everywhere else for timber to democrat anxious to welcome back scold and spots a special to bernie sanders and hillary protective dollars in the east bay like have on the livermore clinton this week democratic valley and in and what they were real lucky antipater's right on town hall and cnn and the the 40 degree mark like places universe is south carolina at and santa rosa in the bottom of columbia sure to be intense voters we met up with on the the 42 ride around 50 in san pecs and why this trio of san francisco right now. >>james: this is the forecast in the east bay shoreline or oakland will be run around 73 degrees 74 down near union city and fremont nice to convey to the sunny skies to everyone and that is what all locations will be allowed to mid-70s great the supporters are banking on the clinton upset this couple is weather and the like it will continue to warn and to have grout weak attempt to buy
4:35 am
wednesday thursday will be right around 74 degrees for the foreseeable future expected to be drying. back in the clinton and the primary even if it means of setting family traditions in this most conservative call metal state. >>robin winston: the drive times of the to 15 minutes from the downtown oakland area getting into downtown san francisco this backup is right on time it >>will tran: the democrats are continues to pick the best guide to west of the toll plaza the bricklin said and to the peninsula numic hot spot of trouble spots 50 minutes for the holding their primary on saturday the 27 republican side tour to haywood into san mateo the republican presidential track in the drive times on candidates had to nevada tomorrow for their primary toxic 80 the crash of what a creep the hot chocolate backing caucus dollars from.
4:36 am
of topographic and enforce what blocking one land about to happen now it will impact the committee, of walnut creek to pleasant hill and to convert the total from concord to danville >>will tran: the comedienne's was just under 25 minutes the attorney are still fighting to stop this at this point the deposition is expected to go express lane open 0580 west from ahead and springfield mass. he greenbelt to the dublin to change cash. portrayed the mess lies at the they publicly accused of all sexually assaulting them there long 50 women who have leveled >>robin winston: in order to use sexual misconduct allegations against him he denies any those expressed by the drive time 34 minutes from tracy wrongdoing he faces separate heading out to dublin. criminal charges sexual assault >>mark: they shot and killed 20 and pennsylvania they're children and six adults back expected to head back to work 2012 at the elementary school today in the international nine fans and schoolteacher were airport has reopened but as a shot and survived the massacre precaution will be shut down are suing the company that makes the air 15 rifle that was used
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this week the prime minister is also declared a state of in the attack is the most emergency for the next 30 days recent test of a 2005 federal this is the clean up and access law that is designed to protect widespread damage after the gunmaker's from liability when monster storm hit yesterday take the guns are used in crimes the passage of this nearly every lawsuit against the makers has been dismissed, but what is facing of the crisis according a look at this video projector to a new study did find some anonymously in the center of the films and tv shows produced by russian capital showed president big-name hollywood companies are obama complete with horns they washed the study was done by usc's school of communication and journalism. say is responsible for tens of >>darya: they found all those thousands of that of assyria in ukraine to libya on russian companies failed when come to lawmaker the only opposition in the country's parliament is gender race and ethnicity balance that from the only a speaking out it is shameful and disgusting and is no doubt third of the speaking characters were female and only 28 percent sanctioned by the authorities. were minorities 2% transgendered behind the camera was the least diverse 87% of the directors of all white man 50 percent were
4:38 am
female caller to the rectors or black women. >>will tran: that the night air behind the anti on the campaign take a look at this california >>mark: private funeral held in wildlife officers said the cab alabama on saturday about 40 to a mountain lion found in the family members and close backyard of santa cruz state friends attended the afternoon of general services the casket fish and wildlife officials located the big cat and the was taken by a silver hearst or neighborhood just north of her father and sister are very highway one on saturday night that think it was drawn to the area by large numbers of deer she passed away in her sleep on graze nearby office of able to friday she was 89 years old paul tranquilize the animal and safety returned and the help to francis speaking on this capital a suitable habitat of door to punishment. remind everyone that feeding >>darya: the religious leader wall like is illegal not to mention is very dangerous poked had repeatedly called for an end to capital punishment in his speech he underlined the possibility of redemption for to be cited as the death county offenders and a close criminal- what he is proposing catholic leaders do plan to the justice open to the hope of for reintegration into society. multibillion-dollar high-speed or project is changing the saw the location plans to start its initial pace.
4:39 am
>>mark: they're averaging three >>will tran: is want to be a very warm day ahead we will be right back. points and three rebounds for game this season the warriors continue the road trip that had to give land to here is video of from the one against the clippers since wednesday along with a few players. >>darya: the team's first four workout is tomorrow they need to stretch sphene
4:40 am
>>mark: he won the total 500 mi. less than an knowles the closest finish ever it won the race by 100 of the second coming up we have a nice warm them in the cycle stay awake for the next week and will take a look at your neighborhood after the break here are few temperatures and everyone hovers in the mid '40's will be seen those temperatures rise pretty quickly.
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alert your doctor right away, as difficulty swallowing, speaking, breathing, eye problems, or muscle weakness can be signs of a life-threatening condition. side effects may include allergic reactions, neck and injection site pain, fatigue and headache. don't take botox® if there's a skin infection. tell your doctor your medical history, muscle or nerve conditions, and medications entire system on which ones including botulinum toxins, confers to leave this is an as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. put the odds on your side. visit to learn how to save on your treatment. talk to a headache specialist today about botox®. issue where the high-speed rail wants to get something done the member of the state board of equalization a longtime critic is afforded a ballot initiative that redirect some of the funding to abuilding reservoirs'. >>stanley roberts: coming up i'm
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on ticket to church church street in san francisco where dogs have separate rules for different people i will explain >>james: there is a little bit the next edition of people behaving babbling. of fog will let you know and is in the north bank in the napa valley to allow visibility 5 ma visibility out in petaluma and seven out there santa rosa. >>darya: the fall victim to this
4:44 am
publicity war ride did pull has made five and a million-dollar saw more look for in a traffic hot spots the body of a missing son of a one is from what investigators are saying about how she died.
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wanna make a new flavor combination today?ats! (cat vo #2) yeah...let's take things up a notch! >>james: we're really not add...cheese! tracking anything whatsoever the (cat vo #1) and we gotta have cod. wide view we are looking in from space here is the forecast for (cat vo #3) woohoo, bacon! now that's a tasty flavor combination. (cat vo #1) and we're just getting started. (avo) new friskies cat concoctions. four deliciously different flavor combinations, made for cats, by cats. you'll need to email us so we can issue you a ticket. but you're right here. it's protocol. or, you can try staples tech services next day guarantee. it's fast and done right. i'll do that instead. that's not protocol marsha. in by noon, the east bay will begin in the out by 5 the next day. staples. make more happen. in the data we have 75 expected
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seven into a little more 73 in antioch and brett what a really nice looking forecast with sunny skies were also expecting sunny skies in the south bay as well 73 across the bay in oakland will be beautiful the week ahead like we cell looks pretty good at temperatures warming gradually as it heads toward mid week will come down slightly as we approached the weekend. >>james: we will have more on >>jackie sissel: the bottom of the forecast coming up. the missing san jose woman has been found we will have that story coming up in a live report a driver goes on a deadly shooting rampage police to try >>robin winston: no major to figure of why he didn't.
4:48 am
trouble spot so far you have to >>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now use the golden gate bridge and 101 less head over to the richmond san rafael bridge 580 west approach in the toll plaza lead to trouble spots a man instead drive time from the pagan to the richmond side to connect with 1 01 it is only a eight minute trip where track in the commute from the out to my it is already backing away been telling you about the new express lane writer on the >>james: the east bay commit corner and we need to do because it is already slow coming out of coming into san francisco we are tracy come out of mountain tracking like a said but denies house and come to the altamont temperatures here is how should to 05 off and on the express break down ready for school wear lanes will be from greenville all the way up to the dublin and change the 586 it is split the on a to still be in the for this it will be chilly lunchtime drive time clocking in just recess the the just flying into under 30 minutes from the 582 05 a percentage with a lot of split will see those express sunshine will keep the one afternoon right to the 3:00 hour lanes of the five a commute will have of the come and the 5:00 you'll be sitting there waiting
4:49 am
hour. to pick them up on a really nice >>will tran: chief justice john conditions. what is expected to mention his passing from the bench he died last week while the isn't a >>robin winston: if you have to remote texas ranch he was 79 years old president obama has drive into san francisco there bowed to the supreme court nominee to fill the vacancy is a backlog waiting for a--back republicans argued namely a successor should be a job for the next president hopes of waiting for you france's call for one year moratorium on the death penalty >>robin winston: the cameras since the polls and the captain would suspend the practice during the year of mersin that located in north main but one at push for forgiveness run the 24 split a minor car is not through nov. the pontus also a hot spot and is blocking when sell his support behind the conference set to begin today land and already has traffic that he hopes will help bring it normally traffic is slowed into copper punishment police during the time of the morning crackdown arrested a man for sure crime spree in palms paulo and this is you're ride expect a lot of stop and go traffic they receive the call of suspicious man and woman backyard. >>will tran: he left the scene
4:50 am
on a bright blue bicycle before police arrived to the calls came in strongly after several people from the man robin died in their homes on bay area billionaire as >>darya: the lines on the eastbound side open on friday his video from helicopter partnership with abc seven news the drivers on 580 and is the first time they could choose to to pay a fast-track free asking for $30 million for access to public beach he close the roadway to blow martin bleep and have more than before asking can it be reopened he was that of california to pay him an exchange for public access they've been trying to work with the bitterness is early this morning early this month and purchasing a public right of way there was no word yet on when the beach will be reopened however many crack fresh have >>darya: five shots were fired suffered financial loss. the victim and out of the car
4:51 am
and fell on the sidewalk and later died at the hospital. >>will tran: begins in about three hours from now at the in o'clock in the morning from time to time we get the most of you was asking why some the streets in san francisco painted red what are some of the rules of the do not recall behaving badly. >>stanley roberts: on church street in san francisco you will find dolls walk in there humans apparently this driver has been the wrong way in both directions we're not sure the
4:52 am
>>jackie sissel: we're having a of a press conference at 2:00 this afternoon that investigate the murder of 22 your stacy and you are here is a picture of i dmv to this anymore were not permitted to make you turns in the business district not do our ship is last seen at a party on february 13th here in minute of around care about the hayward she was deemed the sign but we just found out according to the sf it does not missing and all sudden the apply to of the vehicles will police department said they were now turning it to a homicide been misplaced which is interesting because it is and is investigation they're not giving not amended to and from track lost. as much detail about the body where it was found in what >>stanley roberts: they clearly condition what they are saying is the alameda corners offers. were not buses or taxis you can get into the trend line but you
4:53 am
cannot cross over the yellow line to do the red transit lines are there to speed up public transportation. >>will tran: we have some good news on how could benefit your help will explain next here is the golden gate bridge and is like a little bit of traffic problems they're changing the >>darya: they're facing murder barriers to make it easy for charges they report police don't people we want to show you the yet know mode of weather 51 degrees carling we all know that the down red hot for the time of year the high of 71 at 2:00 this afternoon. >>reporter: her neighbors
4:54 am
described the horrifying attack more than four hours later another attack the father and his teenage son shot and killed in a car dealership police said he opened fire killing four and another he was finally arrested just that this will 30 a.m. sunday morning of pastoral him before the rampage describes as troubling behavior. >>: higgins telephone call and then he started driving really radically it would driver comedians and the longest one to can to stop and jumped out of the vehicle and ran away and. >>reporter: a source and knowledge of the investigation said he picked up and drop off passengers between shootings that think it was looking for even more fares after the final attack. >>darya: he worked for them and in a statement released to visit
4:55 am
the 45 your had passed the background check with the company did not address report kalamazoo public safety chiefs are saying they're investigating those reports about picking up the passengers that or to help with the investigation anywhere they can. >>mark: tropical cyclone winston had fiji saturday night with the most powerful storm ever to head the southern hemisphere the winds or 285 mi. or our schools and fiji have been closed until monday next monday officials this morning are working to build shelters for hundreds of people look homeless by the storm this is san jose's and
4:56 am
>>will tran: several sagittarius the liver or blocking blood flow alcoholism then the car crash and neighbor is the second most common called same is no surprise because this back condition with a said area has sent a lot accident or coffey will never balance of all a while for the drugs or alcohol negative affects up to much alcohol next and a second for do not appear to have been factors in this latest crash. >>mark: donald trump attacking the second straight weekend the mr. rubio and is eligible drummer risen more room to build different president we will show certain to the body to can't $11.8 million came in third the you the only thing that survived the flames and why it may have been some. divine some war is continue the road trip to >>mark: divine intervention.
4:57 am
his last attack on the house this was saturday klay thompson with the value plus the body of a missing son was a woman has been found as a live look outside the bay bridge toll plaza still on having problems appear heading to san francisco.
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
? >>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>james: foh right near concord you could see we have nice visibility the traffic lights clearly visible nice and clear >>james: the start looking out there for most of the benham the satellite perspective outside a great looking shot looking down is hard to make it from the very top of metal pick out but the satellite dish looking down over the base san francisco you can say just a owners a few high clouds with that as about a relatively
5:01 am
little haze over the city. clear and said today will be more spring like pattern coming at us from the inland direction keeping us on one side temperatures will start rapidly rising was to get past sunrise >>robin winston: picking up on in the south that just as nice looking at widespread 75 to 76
5:02 am
westbound 80 approaching the bay bridge toll plaza, tracy merging with allman valid coming in at 76 double the ninth. onto 580 west is often not for the baltimore the new experts blame for the westbound direction should be opening up by about now the east down side was open the west down side was open and a traffic is still slow. >>robin winston: a lot of slow traffic at the bay bridge toll >>mark: the express lanes and plaza if you have to drive into the westbound direction of san francisco the total drive interstate 580 now open the lines on the eastbound side was the first time jarvis and choose to pay a fee of up to $13 this
5:03 am
the first time in both directions to open the first time the car pull buses can rise and express lane for free but you do need the new fast- track transponder would switch on it. >>darya: 20 people are dead after the cyclone hit the island nation of the g over the weekend they're still out there today trying to assess the damage done by the tropical cyclone called winston this time about 33 minutes from morning they're working to build concord from greenbelt to the shelters for the hundreds of people left homeless by the storm. >>mark: from the body of a missing woman in san jose. dublin and to change the traffic as moderate between those two
5:04 am
points behind the scenes the location of the express lane that is where you find heavy traffic. >>gabe slate: >>jackie sissel: they discover the body of missing 20 to your son was a resident stacey on saturday at not she had last been seen more than a week ago on february 13th leading a parting here and hayward since then they've been searching for >>darya: this is just the mac the call the missing person a homicide investigation the would not give much detail until yesterday afternoon on saturday at around noon they had discovered her body with the are issued it will come of future saying is that the alameda county coroner's office will be doing the autopsy on the body
5:05 am
and it will not release any details of where they from the body or what condition the body was in there will have a press years later it pushed back to start a passenger service the of conference today at 2:00 to give more details. that plan low was the writer should estimates. >>darya: francisco police are searching for the person who shot and killed a man outside a mcdonald's restaurant it happened just before 3:00 yesterday afternoon and this >>mark: keister the controversy on saturday when he riposted this suggesting that neither mr. rubio or tentacles would allow five shots were fired the victim got out of the car of to say the will double to run for president is just the way for them to get more media attention this is a pattern and the game he plays as something sugar walk up to the victim's car opened fire then got into as edgy and outrages in the media flocks of covers than it another car and took off police work whenever 15 people run for
5:06 am
president is not want to work anymore this after he came in have not arrested anyone there were reviewing their by second in the south carolina surveillance cameras they do not primary on saturday he finished know the victim was part of the in first but reveals a shooting was random a car lost surprising second of the ted cruse he is a u.s. citizen and i am in fact he is eligible to run for president the first control and hit another car had on this is the city's a deadly car crash of the year neighbors arguments will start about 7:00 this morning and chief justice say this crash comes as no surprise. john roberts will mention his passing he died last what visiting and texas ranch he was 79 years old president obama has got to pick up the nominee but republicans argued that naming a successor should be as out to the next president.
5:07 am
>>mark: here is a follow on the story is that we brought you last month we spoke to tenants >>mark: he is accused of or moving out. carrying after shooting in three different locations over the >>reporter: sitcom garcia had is course of seven hours on saturday the shooting spree starting his new beginnings started to gun down a woman and today he unloaded his to your a parking lot the woman is in son toy is in this room moving hospital this morning and is expected to survive police said has cost of an extra thousand there are another attack in a car dealership they said he dollars a month in rent the pieces that other place was opened fire at a restaurant making them sick their extensive parking lot killing four people water damage from a leaky roof and a bronze is i first visited jiang were before. >>reporter: and the roof may be
5:08 am
repaired with the u mass were not down the hall third grade he was looking for even more fares after the final attack. teacher says the duct tape and she brought on her ceiling does not always stop the rain she took this video with high rents >>mark: he had passed background in the bay area she is trying to should they said he will help with the investigation and in make things work off and her which they can home of nine years chris is the >>darya: people at this apartment complex in that mold from leaky roofs is making their family sick nasa managers to resident manager for the costa del rio apartment. explain why it is taking so long to fix dollars from? of more real was eligible to be president hear how they respond to that and a local billionaire >>reporter: it led to three wants you to pay for access to a contractors on a tour of the public beach see a demand before damage down she is waiting on bids for the job he grew tired anyone to visit a popular spot of waiting.
5:09 am
we will be right back. >>darya: a car in memphis abet, tennessee burst into flames the only thing they recovered from this fire was a bible the jeep was driving along when he was sidetracked by another car and pushed down the hill rat into all and that it burst into flames and people were driving by the stopped to help the man ran off with a jack iron to help dealith gh..may ow wt it lio the driver who was trapped inside. janua wos wh youbloo hes lgar higur. anworklesshen ur bod sugais l, beuse wor jabynhanng yr bo's o ilitto ler bod sar. plusanuv, bytsel is t like to use ightain the people were able to get the
5:10 am
man on the burning vehicle you stick to a lot about is one to janua shld n be ed i tien wittype diates be ok the side there are a lot to tears was the only thing to survive the car fire of bible ich y beeverand ad t hcludg st takg javia d ca ur dtor ght ay i samsung some of the new galaxy 7 and after the break we will take you ve spancatit.d t ur smachrea ich y be a look a some of the features in the build of the offering for you to get one we have some more allgic acti thacausd opelli of e fa, li,v ngueor toat,r afcts yo brehin company the area and was pregnant right now. caes rh orivesacausd opelli of e fa, li,v kidn proems metis requing alys ha beerepoed. so peoe madevep sere opelli of e fa, li,v kidnll yr door ithishapps. requjoinpain ing nuviwith suonylea oinsun macauslow ood gar.oe opelli of e fa, li,v ducehe rk, yr door mhapps. requjoinpain ur dtor y doloodtestbefo ann escre a wer se othesulfylur ori trtmento cck yr kieys. youave dneyrobls alor do maye. de eectsay iludepper reiraty o stfy orunnnosesore that, d heace
5:11 am
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>>mark: we're in the low forties for the inland spots for bright moon it will have more on the forecast. she >>darya: is with all her life to see an african-american and the white house their debut
5:13 am
in the new galaxy as seven is 05 inches. >>mark: it is slightly larger than the six is the same size as the 6 + men have not announced
5:14 am
the cost but they did announce a deal
5:15 am
>>james: we're in the low 40's is going to be really beautiful to say more on the forecast coming up.
5:16 am
5:17 am
>>mark: this setting as 16,000 zero hundred and 70. composite of as we stand will 6% this morning about the rise of oil price since when the markets on the same the features of 1 percent of the hundred and seven the horizon began to brighten up a chance of rain not really much this week may be a slight ring drop on friday night.
5:18 am
>>james: we're talking a very some sharp again the live you shows of the most the clear skies of the cold out their hair was what you need to know for stuff is going to be nice to they would expect sunny afternoon warming and the low seventies and a few spots will get into the mid '70s as for the rain and there no rain on the horizon and is not in the foreseeable future.
5:19 am
>>robin winston: here approaching the bay bridge toll plaza the back of a strategist at the foot of the maze not that bad on the bridge have a chapter on the approach the oakland side would take about 21 minutes to get from the foot of the maze to the westbound skyway tracking drive times for those of you coming from the east shore freeway and a slow and pockets not that 20 minutes from highway 4 hercules' stock 680 and the behavior the normal things to crash that is working in the creek is 36 minutes uncomprehending out to san ramon the hot spots to the south the of the pocket of slowing pockets come out of south san jose into downtown >>darya: we're live in san
5:20 am
francisco with more will bear looking for them happen-. >>will tran: however the shooting happened in broad daylight is always people assignment that was going through the drive through the show you the video of this took place at 250 because the traffic but cannot move that is when someone came up to them look to the passenger window shop fire six times into the car the driver was not heard the past however was had his stomach outside his name is still not
5:21 am
released to the public the shooter textron down a road hops into another vehicle and ticks off the search continues this morning this is the golden gate in fillmore you can see all the people on to the mcdonald's the sentences will please the from within a few seconds they heard the gunfire. >>will tran: the suspect was long gone you concede there is a camera is still up in the surveillance videos to get more information on the suspect even though it appears so intent now at this point they don't know this was a random a targeted
5:22 am
this will shut down because the turned into a murder scene. >>mark: it is not backing down in the fbi's the man to hack into a phone use by a shoulder in the san bernardino attack they dismissed the government's claims that the company is
5:23 am
acting out of business interest that would assess decree a back door to the practice iphone which is the argument that it is unlawful in a dangerous precedent the last apple sold to the victim's of the california shooting to get all the information on the from the phone was used to buy a site had along with his wife killed 14 people this has probably be appealed all the way up to the u.s. supreme court the debt is of the attack this outside of damascus where 83 people died when her then 22 people were killed in both attacks.
5:24 am
>>darya: both people were unresponsive that had to back the helicopter transport the victim is one of them died at the scene and the other we don't know the condition but there in the hospital this morning. >>darya: they located the mountain lion it does not of highway one that he is he was drawn to the area by large numbers of the year feeding what
5:25 am
is illegal and dangerous because it can bring creditors into your neighborhood we're seeing on the rise in oil. >>darya: they may have a bigger problem with diversity than just the oscars record to show you why some are saying hollywood is white washed. people became than the coming up next.
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>>robin winston: it is slow but this is considered normal and is not a major slowdown if you have to use the book for slowing in the western driver till about ned's than this to 10 minutes total coming up with a look at 92 and check back and on the san mateo bridge on 684 will update the sow, ride in just a little bent
5:30 am
>>james: when we come back there was a slight chance of rain job on the horizon not too optimistic coming up in just a minute.
5:31 am
5:32 am
>>mark: no arrests have been made they found the body of law who woman who disappeared last week.
5:33 am
>>mark: is congestion pricing they can ride in the express lane for free if you have the new fast track with a switch on police and michigan try to piece together a weekend rampage that left six people dead in kalamazoo
5:34 am
>>james: the life you show it would most of the bay area issing the camera at sfo but mostly clear ahead of fog now and again but it is nothing widespread this morning today is going to be the no. when double keep the smile tempers of woman from the current levels here is
5:35 am
the forecast for the santa clara valley 75 more hill 76 as to take a look at the next three days warming and up gradually beyond that we will switch over to the 7 day around the bay forecast parts that will peek probably temperatures that will slide down that is another system that if it holds together there is one model that
5:36 am
is hanting the system will keep together and >>robin winston: that is why it is not picking up or getting any better south 680 right at the 24 split you take away one land next traffic the crawling back the of the 242 is already jammed from highway 4 west four come out pittsburg merging with the 242680 is backing up into my tennis in a slow all around we
5:37 am
do not have an estimated time it will be a stuff--tough ride >>robin winston: the ride to alamo danville san ramon that will be great because everyone is stuck in the backed up here the drive time 35 minutes from the 242 highway 4 split would expect that number to go up since the tow truck has not arrived 92 san mateo bridge creeping the breakfast come out of hayward come out of the optima is slow coming out of tracing the slow but many of you know already we have the new express line between greenville and the dublin and to change those lines opened at 5:00 a.m. traffic looks great between those two. the new express lines
5:38 am
are hoping traffic because it is for a moderate between green veil and the dublin and to change. >>stanley roberts: on church street in san francisco you find dog's walking vehemence of, of the drive has been the wrong lane in both directions there are no less chance permit from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. monday
5:39 am
through friday and not sure to the of the teachers this you're not permitted to make you turn the business district or to the real online headed in the street and people according to the nsf and teenager this rule does not apply to sit edition vehicles with the plates which is interesting because it is coming is a from track because it means is exempt from vehicle registrations for for the was not hard to find people use and the trend lines the red chanted lines are there to speed up
5:40 am
public transportation the judges set to rule today on the senate up damage lawsuit against the makers of the ar-15 rifle shot and killed to children and six adults back in 2012. >>darya: since the passage nearly every lawsuit against the makers have been dismissed.
5:41 am
>>mark: made from the all companies failed when it came to dinner race and ethnicity in front of the camera and found only a third of the speaking characters were female and 20 percent of the minorities and 2% for transgendered behind the camera was the least diversity 87% of the directors all white man and 50 percent were female poet to directors or black women. >>darya: which to live look along the embarcadero back with more news weather and traffic.
5:42 am
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the area
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>> darya: here's a panda is one of two giant pandas of this to. " look at its adorable. >> mark: this noble build a golf tournament is working every year. they jump bobsleigh after the ball said and the fallout. their lot of things to do during the winter.
5:46 am
>> darya: is close morning love report and whether. and we'll see if there's a nice warm day on tap. at lookit the nascar driver who won yesterday how was their dream come true. baseball is getting going also. where else are looking at the multi- billion high-speed railroad project.
5:47 am
5:48 am
>> reporter: the body of 22 road missing san jose woman has been fanned. we'll have that story coming out. >> reporter: and newberg driver goes on a deadly shooting rampage. >> james: we'll have the full forecaster ahead. >> robin: i too hot spots along the creek.
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